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Protect your network from Mailware, viruses, and other malicious activity. With tools such as network firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus and VPN content filtering. These features make Kerio Control the ideal choice for small to mid-sized business.


Kerio Control Firewall

Kerio Connect   

Remote Monitoring & Support 

With a cost saving comparable to MS Excahnge, Kerio mail server is the best solution. Offering all the services within a simplified platform. Kerio connect does not require the massive amout of hardware and power typically assocated with a mail server. Migration from Exchange is also simple and mobile devices are supported.


Aperion offers remote monitoring and support that is second to none. We have the ability to be notified of system issues before they become a problem. When issues do arrise we are able to login quickly to solve your problems. Ask about Aperion Guardian on your next call with us.



Email Server replaces MS Exchange

Save time and Money 

Unified Threat Managment